The BF Community Bike Project has a positive impact on many people.  Below you’ll find stories from several of these community members. We love when our customers and friends are able to walk away with a bike, a new skill, or a smile.

Eathan Snow, volunteer/Earn-a-Biker

"Thanks to the BF Community Bike Project and the work exchange program, I not only got a bike when I otherwise had no way to acquire one, but I learned a bit about bike maintenance.  I also felt joy in giving back to the community of Bellows Falls"

- Eathan Snow, volunteer/Earn-a-Biker

Kado, volunteer

"I had just moved to town when I wrecked my touring bicycle. If it wasn't for the BF community bike project I would be without my new touring bike. Thank You!!!"

- Kado, volunteer

Karen Walter – Volunteer

"I am a senior volunteer at the BF Community Bike Project for several reasons.  I believe bike riding is one of the healthiest activities for young people. I remember bike riding as the first independent activity I did as a child it was really fun.  The best part of volunteering at BFCBP is working, talking and learning  with community folks of all ages.  I help by cleaning and polishing the bikes that will be sold. It's very rewarding and fun."

- Karen Walter, volunteer and earn a bike participant

Jim Kyle, collaborator and volunteer

"Your team is the most talented, most committed, and most Accommodating  group of people I have ever worked with who are involved with a non profit organization. I approached you to help and support a bike project I am involved in at ksc where we are trying to make a bike for a child with physical challenges. You didn't hesitate to support our efforts in any way you could. Thank you. I love what you are doing for your local community!"

- Jim Kyle, collaborator and volunteer

Al Reardon, volunteer

"The BF Community Bike Project, for me, has been more than simply a place to volunteer some skills or time. The project is the place to turn beliefs into actions. As a lifelong believer in the value of physical fitness and in self powered transport, I like the feeling that my small efforts may contribute to a young person discovering these same values. I am also of the belief that we do not encourage our young people to use tools or to develop mechanical skills,the project does both these things. I have directly benefitted through my purchase of two very reasonably priced bikes for my own use."

- Al Reardon, volunteer

Taylor W, Customer

“I had a great experience here today! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Can't wait to go back and pick up my new bike! What a great addition to the Bellows Falls community!.”​
Taylor W, Customer

Tiff D, Volunteer​

“After moving solo from California to Vermont in July 2014 I found it really difficult to find a social group or place to volunteer that fit my busy work schedule but in March of 2015 I finally found a place to call home at BF Bike. It's always a joy to come in and volunteer or do what I can for the shop. I've met so many wonderful people through this project and they have done more for me than I could ever give back."​
Tiff D, Volunteer​

Johnathan, Earn-a-Biker

"My name is Johnathan. I am 10 years old and I volunteer at the BF Community Bike Project. I like volunteering because I like that I get to earn a bike and I really like the experience. I think it is really awesome working there and a great place to have in the community. I enjoy my time working with Bonnie, Fred, Chris, and Conor. Thank you very much for allowing me this amazing opportunity. "

Sincerely, - Johnathan, Earn-a-Biker

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