Home for the Bike Project
We have launched a capital campaign to purchase our building and secure a permanent home at 30 Henry Street for the Bellows Falls Community Bike Project. Celebrating a decade of service, the Bike Project is more than just a bike center; it’s a safe space for the community, where youth and adults collaborate to revitalize bikes and gain valuable skills.

Download the full capitol campaign document in PDF format. (Updated weekly)

Since 2016, the Bike Project has been renting the historic building at the corner of Henry and Atkinson Streets. We are now under contract to purchase the property, which is our most cost-effective and operationally friendly option.

Location Highlights:
30 Henry St. is strategically located near schools and neighborhoods, fostering community ties. Its off-street parking area doubles as a safe place for children to test-ride bikes. See us on the map.

Reasons for Ownership:
Financial Stability: Owning the building prevents potential rent increases or eviction, ensuring stable and predictable expenses.

Control Over Maintenance: Ownership allows for structural improvements, weatherization, and the construction of an extended overhang for the outdoor work area.

Preservation of the Neighborhood: The historic exterior will be preserved, visually enhancing the community.

Our overall goal is to raise $156,875 for the purchase, repairs and improvements.
Currently, our focus is on raising the full $80,00 purchase price, to avoid carrying a mortgage.
As of July 2, we’ve received $74,543 in donations and $9,450 in pro-bono services.
The building purchase is set for November 2024, followed by remediation and renovation work.

Support the Capital Campaign to secure 30 Henry St., enabling the Bike Project to focus on its work to provide affordable access to bicycles, empower youth and be a valuable resource for the community. Your contribution helps create a permanent home for the Bike Project, so we can continue making a difference!

Download the full capitol campaign document in PDF format. (Updated bi-weekly)