Thank you for your interest in donating your bike. Normally, we accept most bikes – however, due to limited storage space, we prefer to hold off donations during the Winter months.

Please note that we do not purchase bikes. As a nonprofit, our business model relies on donations. We suggest that you look into Facebook Marketplace, eBay or other online venues if your bike is in sell-able condition.

If you are an individual donor, you should know that we generally rely on our donors to bring the bikes to us, as we don’t have the resources necessary to pick up bikes. Luckily, coming to us is easier than you think, and the largest bike will fit into the smallest car (if you want it to).

What we accept:

All types of bikes (road, hybrid, mountain, BMX, tandem, etc.)

  • All sizes (adult, child, etc.)
  • Parts of any kind
  • Tools of any kind
  • Even some broken stuff! (e.g. cracked frame with usable components)
  • Accessories (bicycle bags, lights, pumps, locks with keys)
  • Cycling clothing
  • Rags: used textiles, cotton, preferably already cut into strips
  • Helmets
  • Car racks
  • Sorting supplies such as parts containers


What we don’t accept:

  • Anything that has spent significant time out in the weather and has rust
  • If you have vintage bikes, please contact: Nathan Russell 401-548-9082
  • Kick scooters
  • Anything with a gasoline motor
  • Exercise equipment
  • Tricycles
  • Trail-A-Bikes

  • Where and when to drop off:

    30 Henry St Bellows Falls – during our open hours – preferably.